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Master the Anatomy of a Tableau Workbook

By: Kate Sherrard
Learn how to navigate Tableau like a pro with this course. You'll get a detailed look at the types of content in a Tableau workbook, how to use the objects panes and worksheet view, and how to understand and navigate dashboards. You can follow along with our pre-built extract file and start using Tableau effectively right away.


If you want to hit the ground running using Tableau the first thing you need is to understand the way a Tableau workbook is structured and how to navigate it like a pro.

This course won’t touch on data (there are separate courses for that!). It’s all about how to navigate Tableau once you’ve got your data in place and if you want to follow along - just grab our handy pre-built extract file to follow along!

Pre-Built Extract

File type is .twbx which means the .csv files are embedded in the workbook

Download Example Tableau Workbook

Topics Covered

Types of content in Tableau

In this post, we will discuss the types of content that make up a Tableau workbook.

Types of content in Tableau

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the Objects Panel in Tableau.

Navigating the Objects Panes

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the worksheet view in Tableau, the building blocks of everything else Tableau can do.

Navigating the Worksheet View

The Show Me Panel

The Show Me pane in Tableau is a fantastic feature that makes it super easy for you to create awesome visualizations in no time.

The ‘Show Me’ panel

Understanding and Navigating Dashboards

Tableau dashboards are amazing tools that allow you to bring all of your data and visualizations together in one place.

Understanding and Navigating Dashboards

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